Pudding & Chops: Product Review

 Pudding & Chops

Alternative Milestone Cards


I first discovered Pudding & Chops when a friend liked their page on Facebook then I searched for them on Instagram. I’ve really started to love shopping more with small businesses as you always get something a bit more unique than the high street. Instagram is fab for finding smaller, handmade products. Pudding & Chops are a company created by two mums from Crewe (yay more midlanders!) who wanted to capture & celebrate the real moments we all experience during motherhood. Real moments such as poo explosions, public meltdowns & parenting fails.


I ordered my set late one Thursday night & I had received them by Saturday morning! Amazing service! They were beautifully packaged & in perfect condition. I couldn’t wait to get them open & I wasn’t disappointed. They were even funnier than I expected. Including such gems as ‘Today I rolled off the bed’ & ‘Today I poo’d in the bath’ these alternative milestone cards are beautifully designed in black & white on thick, glossy card. Even my husband loves them! I think they might actually be my new favourite thing.
In just over a week, we have already used three of the cards & I’m almost certain we will be using the rest of the cards pretty soon. They are a hilarious alternative to the traditional milestone cards (which I also have) to mark those ‘special’ moments in your child’s development. It’s fab to look back & remember the big milestones such as turning one, rolling over & first smiles. But I’m sure we all want to look back when our babies are older & fondly remember the poonami’s, meltdowns & scribbled on walls just as much. And they would make great blackmail photos for when they’re teenagers. 

To buy visit: Pudding & Chops

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